A Winter’s Walk on the Bangor Trail

The Bangor Trail, Co. Mayo

The Bangor Trail, Co. Mayo

Would you like to join me on a four-hour walk along Mayo’s magnificent Bangor Trail this winter ?

What, you cry, are you mad ? No, trust me. Winter on Ireland’s most remote, tranquil and wet waymarked way is a great treat. Why ? Because you’re not in charge.

Nowadays, the human is in charge of everything – controls the environment to a worrying degree, if you think about it. Not out here, not in winter.

Let me throw some dates out there.

Anybody for Thursday, December 11th ? We can meet in Castlebar at 8.30 am, get 4 hours walk in and be back by 3.00 pm. Send a comment if you’re interested and indicate your preferred date. If we can get a small group together, we’ll go for it.

What would you need ? A reasonable level of fitness, very good hiking boots, waterproof clothing, courage, some food, a camera, etc. Please don’t bring any unnecessary packaging that might get dropped, mobile phones (they won’t work up there anyway), MP3 players and all that kind of stuff.


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