Biebrza NP – Total Wildlife Protection to Grow

River Biebrza in flood, Biebrza NP, Poland.

River Biebrza in flood, Biebrza NP, Poland.

Poland’s NPWS has decided to increase the area within Biebrza National Park that will be covered by total protection.

The Park, which covers a total of 60,000 hectares and is Poland’s largest NP, will from January contain 7,200 hectares of totally protected forest lands, an increase of 60%. Total protection means lands are kept away from man’s intervention. Nature is left to her own devices.

Biebrza NP is also beginning the process of application to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which would give the Park even greater prestige.

The Park protects Europe’s largest marsh and swamp area, a landscape of truly international importance, based around the wide valleys of the Biebrza and Narew rivers in Poland’s North East. It is home to many bird species, as well as wolves, elk, deer, wild boar and many more.

Tourism Pure leads walking tours to Biebrza NP each year, using only the services of local guides, accommodation and transport.


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