Some Interesting Blogs

I’ve had a quick sconce at these green blogs recently. Try them out if you have a few minutes.

Jessica Blair in the US presents you with her Green Gift a Day. Whether you can actually get any of these things in Ireland, or sent here, is another question.

While I don’t like the fact that the site seems to be anonymous (apologies to whoever if I haven’t seen where they do indeed identify themselves), nevertheless, there’s some good information in here.

The Blog of TIES, it actually has surprisingly little in it, with few entries. So this is not really a recommendation, rather just to let you know about it and keep an eye on it if you want.

Some nice articles. I’m not sure who the guy is and don’t know where he’s getting the articles from (maybe they’re his own), but still …


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  1. Thanks for the list, always good to find new sources of information.

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