Sustainable Electricity Consumption

Ok, so let me start by admitting that electricity consumption in this house is too high. But then again, by national standards, probably not. So no, I’m certainly not blowing my trumpet.

What these figures do show, however, is that any “regular” Irish or Western world family can make improvements and reduce its electricity consumption.

So here are my figures :

kWh consumption

2005 – 6,431

2006 – 6,314

2007 – 5,023

2008 – 5,012

I think that’s a pretty good reduction over 4 years. I hope you’ll agree. I’ve also decreased our dependence on oil for heating, by installing a wood burning stove in one part of the house, reducing the reuirement for OFCH and by reducing the temperature on the thermostat, with the same result.

As Ben Stiller’s character in Starsky and Hutch would put it, “Do it !”.


2 Responses

  1. Well done, that’s a good reduction. I am convinced that everyone in Ireland could save at least 40% of their electricity use with just a little habit changing.
    Check out what my neighbours are doing – teaching people to build their own wind turbines, how cool is that?
    They have a website at
    I think this sort of thing is just great!
    I really like your blog by the way and pop in every now and then to see what you are up to, well done!

  2. Terrific information, will definitely come back again!

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