Snow Covered Nephin

We get very little snow in Ireland. Despite being a relatively northern European island, our beloved Gulf Stream protects us from the harshest of climates. We suffer neither long freezing winters nor roasting hot summers. Temperatures vary from perhaps 22 C in summertime to the occasional – 5 C in the midlands during winter.

What we do get is rain, but that never stopped anybody getting out and about.

Nephin, Co. Mayo, Feb. 9, 2009.

Nephin, Co. Mayo, Feb. 9, 2009.

This is Nephin, County Mayo’s second highest mountain at 806 m, looking fabulous under its coating of snow.

Come and join me on a wild, windy and most probably wet walk on The Bangor Trail nearby, on Saturday, February 28th.


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  1. We here in Washington know your story well. Lots of cold rain, but very little snow. Strangely enough, however, it snowed today. I guess that the price you pay for emerald beauty.

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