Simple Steps to Sustainability 1

Over the summer months, I’m going to attempt to give you some really quite simple steps to improve the sustainability of your tourism activities, whether you are a provider or a tourist.

Today, I will look at the following basic elements of your tour, business or home :

1. Electricity.

2. Walks.

3. Picnics.

Electricity –



Change from the ESB to Airtricity. Short and sweet. It’s that simple. Avoid Bord Gais. Both major electricity suppliers are burning pretty much always fossil fuels. Support Airtricity in its wind generated power. Call them and switch. It’s simple and it’s cheaper.


Walks –

Come walking with Tourism Pure

Come walking with Tourism Pure

Follow this simple rule. When you are out walking in the beautiful Irish countryside (or anywhere overseas for that matter), stick to the path, where there is one. This avoids plant damage and habitat loss. Look at it this way : where there is already damage, don’t add to it. However, where there is no path and you really need to get from A to B (like on a mountain) then do not all walk on the same line. Rather, spread out on eachother’s sides. That way, your impact is small and no path is created. Now you are walking through the landscape as would a herd of animals. Limited damage and no trace afterwards.

Picnics –

The easiest way to avoid dropping litter in the countryside is to not bring any in in the first place. When preparing a picnic for the family or group of walkers, remove the packaging before you leave the house. Use sturdy, re-usable, well sealed containers. Have the biscuits in one; the sandwiches in another. No packaging means no packaging to be carelessly dropped along the way. Re-use the same containers next time.


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