Aveyron, France – Buzzards

I’ve been away from the Blog for a while, thanks to my holidays in Aveyron, south central France.



As it’s the harvesting season over there (and here, for that matter), I was afforded a really great chance to witness Buzzards over there in all their glory. To see these wonderful birds soaring over the fields where the grain is being harvested is a really impressive sight. Buzzards grow to ca. 55cm long, with a wingspan of around 120 cm when adult.

On one day, I watched 11 Buzzards over a field, twisting and turning in search of food, uncovered fleeing from the machinery in the field. They are incredibly flexible and able to turn and dive quickly. Thanks to a friend’s 7x to 21x zoom binoculars, I got really good views. In the good French light, I could really appreciate the colouration of both the underside and back of the birds. Beautiful!

Interestingly, on another day, I saw one solitary Kestrel hovering over the same field at the same time as 7 or 8 Buzzards. The Kestrel caught something; the Buzzards did not.

After such magnificent sights, I’ve resolved to getting a proper camera and lens for wildlife photography. Any suggestions and recommendations gladly received.


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