With all the hullabaloo (fully merited) about the reintroduction to Ireland of our long lost Golden Eagles (Donegal), White Tailed Sea Eagles (Kerry) and Reed Kites (Wicklow), not too many people seem to have noticed the perhaps even more wonderful natural geographic progression and increase in numbers of Buzzards.

Buzzard expansion is one of the real success stories of Irish wildlife these past decades. Once confined to the North East of the country, they appear more and more frequently towards the South and along the East coast. Indeed, some have even been spotted in the West, though this remains rare.

On July 30th, a person reported having seen 3 Buzzards in Ballymote, Sligo. Also in July there was a report of 1 from Corraundulla, Galway. There were additional reports from Sligo in June and Roscommon in April.

Anyway, I found this amazing footage on You Tube. I think it’s from Britain.


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