Blackbirds in Autumn

I’ve always liked autumn.

I love kicking up the brown, yellow and reddish leaves that cover the ground at this time of year and, let’s face it, doing so reminds me of being a child. But another great thing about autumn time is the way the birds are much more visible simply because of that same falling of leaves.



This morning, I’ve seen robin, wren, chaffinch and the wonderful blackbird. The blackbirds are very common in our garden, as they jump from ash tree branch to whitethorn top. They’ll happily perch on the outermost branches of the whitethorn, most often in pairs, their gorgeous yellow / orange beak and distinctive yellow ring around their eyes clearly visible against the low and pale autumn sun.

The other day, I noticed two in particular, clearly playing with eachother. As one would vacate a certain tree in favour of another, no more than 5 m away, so the second would follow almost immediately. I watched them circumnavigate the garden, in short hops, as if playing ‘follow the leader’ or ‘catch’.


3 Responses

  1. I also think Blackbirds are beautiful. Here in Australia they are considered a pest species, but I enjoy their presence just the same whenever I am down in the south of the country.

  2. Thanks Seb. So do you not have Blackbirds in NE Oz ?
    Tell us what equipment you use for photographing birds – camera and lens.
    Like your blog at

  3. No, the climate is wrong for them here. Where I live in Cairns, it is part of the wet tropics. I only recently started that blog and only recently acquired the camera I shoot the birds with. It is a Panasonic Lumix FZ35. I will have a DSLR one day!

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