I live in beautiful county Mayo, in the West of Ireland and enjoy walking in nature.

I lead small groups on nature-based walks in Mayo, with an annual trip in spring to Poland’s East and planned future trips to the French Pyrenees. I love to learn about trees, birds, mammals, flowers and anything else to do with our shared natural heritage.

I also deliver seminars and workshops on Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism and have, in the past, part-time lectured in Tourism.

Tourism Pure offers sustainable tourism to rural areas of great natural beauty and interest. A registered trainer of the Leave No Trace outdoors ethics programme, I try to lead groups in a sustainable manner that does not damage the environment and its many inhabitants.

Je parle francais. Ich spreche deutsch.

See you soon,

Barry Murphy.

Contact :

Tel. 353 – 94 – 9027797

Mob. 353 – 86 – 8318748

Email info [at] tourismpure [dot] com


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  1. Hi Barry
    I hope you are well
    Just to share the fact that we have linked your blog to our ( http://www.blog.greenty.com ) so we would appreciate if you could reciprocate and link us back thus help promoting ecotourism !
    Cheers !
    The Greenty.com team

  2. Hello Barry,

    I enjoyed reading your articles and I thought I would share with you the website I created http://www.best-ecolodges.com
    I am trying to promote genuine ecolodges around the world, maybe it will inspire you to write something about one of the ecolodges featured. They are working very hard to make a difference in eco tourism.
    Keep on the good work.
    Let me know if you can add our website to your links as well, we could do a reciprocal link.

  3. Barry,
    This is a fabulous site. I found your comment on my blog article just before 3am and won’t sleep now. This is what I wrote to my organization a minute ago:

    I have been in the West of Ireland, the ancestral home of my father. This comment below fills me with sadness and rage. But from who do I seek vengeance? No longer from the English, for globalism does not issue from them, or from the Americans, or the Japanese or any people. No more are our puppeteers a colonial master headquartered in some palace. Our masters are here, there and everywhere, a rootless cosmopolitan force emotionally uncommitted to any locality. It is this amorphous system that has swept all over every national culture only to drain it of its lifeblood, converting native populations into homeless beggars and service sector slaves, and using their elected politicians as instruments of their own pauperization and ruin. Nothing of beauty will remain. I can only hope that the system soon crashes, that the fossil fuel “civilization” dies so much sooner than later, and well before any significant energy substitutes are found. Let trade, travel and migration stop to a dead halt, so that what is left of a local culture can breathe again, a culture that is tied to the land and whose scope is limited to the land’s capacity..

    Barry, what you describe, the phenomena of local tenants finding a rental accomodation only to be kicked out at the onset of summer tourist season so that the owners may reap unconsionable weekly rents from tourists is EXACTLY the case where I live too. Check out Quadra Island, British Columbia, across the Discovery Passage from Campbell River. This area is known as the North Gulf Islands. Once an Eden but now being sold out by realtors and greedy residents who cater to the rich. Ours is a 310 square mile island of 2700 people in the winter but 3500 in the summer. It is home to 15-30 cougars, and two packs of wolves, one of which roams in my neighbourhood along with four resident cougars, along with the bald eagles which fly over my house every day. It is a fantasy to believe that they can ever be secure in the face of unrelenting growth that is driven by mercenary motives. “Smart growth” is a dumb option, a buzzword for green yuppies who want to have their cake and eat it too. Wildlife cannot be “managed” without human management. And we can’t “manage” growth. Growth manages us. But I suppose that the Irish are learning that lesson too. You have abandoned De Valera’s dream, (my dream too), in order to chase the fraudulent promise of affluence. Soon it will come crashing down, and after human misery on a scale that will surpass the Great Famine, the misery that awaits us all, you may, in much smaller numbers, be, in De Valera’s words, “satisfied with frugal comfort and devoted to things of the spirit”.

    Just as every economic boom brings on an environmental bust, an economic collapse will bring on an environmental respite. Let the wilderness reclaim that which we have taken from it.

    Tim (Tadhg) Murray

  4. Hi there – just found your blog through a Google alert and really enjoy it. I’m going to add it to my expanding blogroll. My new blog might be of interest to you: http://www.mindfultourist.com.

    An upcoming post on B&Bs has a couple of Irish B&Bs – in Galway and Dublin.

    Take care!

  5. Barry,
    Would you care to add a comment that would balance the wildly negative comments posted at http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=8891&page=0

    These are in response to “Sustainable Tourism–an Oxymoronic Delusion?” ‘Onlineopinion” is an Australian forum.

    Tim Murray

  6. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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