Major Victory in Poland

Tremendous news from Poland this week, where the government has bowed to pressure to re-route the planned new ‘Via Baltica’ trans-European motorway away from the most important and sensitive wildlife areas of the Augustow Forest, Biebrza Marshes (National Park) and Knyszyn Forest.

The Via Baltica motorway will not now cut through Biebrza Marshes.

The Via Baltica motorway will not now cut through Biebrza Marshes.

These are all Natura 2000 sites, protected under EU law and the Birds and Habitats Directives. Important species, which are under pressure but still have good populations in these areas include the Wolf, Lynx, Beaver and the Greater Spotted Eagle. Amazingly, the motorway was to cut right through these extraordinary landscapes and habitats.

Maybe two years ago, I signed a petition to stop this development. I don’t know how many signed, but every signature helped, no doubt. I’ll tell you one thing : if there’s an environment you want to protect, do something about it, however little.

Read Via Baltica Info here.


Trip to Poland, March 2010

I first visited Poland in 2006 and have been bringing a small group there, in March, ever since.

The trip is a five-day journey into the wonderful National Parks of the Northeastern corner of the country. Biebrza (Beaver) National Park lies along the wide valley of the Biebrza River. It is a birder’s paradise, with many species to be observed. It is forest country and in March the river is swollen by the melting snow. It is picture postcard stuff.

Bialowieza National Park is world-renowned, both for its population of European Bison and its famous Strictly Reserved Area, where man’s intervention is nil. The park is home to some elusive Lynx, as well as the Wolf.

I bring a small group, limited to 9. You need to book your own flights, with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Warsaw return. I’ll take care of the rest. We stay in a locally owned pension, full board, sharing. We have the services of a brilliant local guide, a National Parks and Wildlife Service equivalent officer. He knows Biebrza so well, he even wrote the guide book on it.

On past trips, we’ve even been demonstrated the Polish method for regenerating their oak forests by a Forest Manager with the Polish Forestry Service.

It’s a great trip for walkers, bird watchers and general lovers of the outdoors.

If you might be interested in joining us in March 2010, for five days great walking and nature discovery, drop me an e-mail on info [at] tourismpure [dot] com.

Biebrza NP – Total Wildlife Protection to Grow

River Biebrza in flood, Biebrza NP, Poland.

River Biebrza in flood, Biebrza NP, Poland.

Poland’s NPWS has decided to increase the area within Biebrza National Park that will be covered by total protection.

The Park, which covers a total of 60,000 hectares and is Poland’s largest NP, will from January contain 7,200 hectares of totally protected forest lands, an increase of 60%. Total protection means lands are kept away from man’s intervention. Nature is left to her own devices.

Biebrza NP is also beginning the process of application to become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which would give the Park even greater prestige.

The Park protects Europe’s largest marsh and swamp area, a landscape of truly international importance, based around the wide valleys of the Biebrza and Narew rivers in Poland’s North East. It is home to many bird species, as well as wolves, elk, deer, wild boar and many more.

Tourism Pure leads walking tours to Biebrza NP each year, using only the services of local guides, accommodation and transport.

Some Pictures from Poland

It has taken me a while, but I hope I’ve got the hang of embedding a You Tube slide show into this Blog. If I have succeeded, then I’ll try another few over the coming weeks.

The background music is the beautiful Mazurka Opus 68/2, by Poland’s Chopin (1827).

Spring Walks in Poland

If you’d like to come walking, with the superb service of a wonderful local guide, if indeed you’d like to spot some elk, deer, birds including woodpeckers, eagles and storks, maybe locate some wolf and lynx tracks, then keep reading.

See some pictures from our previous trips at
The dates are March 5 to March 9, 2009.
Places are strictly limited.
Red Marsh Reserve, Biebrza NP, 2007

Red Marsh Reserve, Biebrza NP, 2007

So why not join us in Biebrza, for a few days walking in wonderful Poland ? If you love being outdoors, then you’ll love this.

For further information and all the trip details, just get in contact.



Biebrza River in flood, March 2008

Biebrza River in flood, March 2008

In March 2007 and 2008, I organised a short trip for nature lovers to the great National Parks of North-East Poland. Now I’m doing it for the third time.

This year’s trip will be uniquely to Biebrza National Park (river marshlands and forests).